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Getting Married in the Scottish Borders

“When we saw the Borders, we were instantly smitten. The lush colours of the landscapes, the trees, flowers and hills and the peacefulness of it truly sold us.

We rang the Scottish Borders Tourist Board and were amazed at the lengths they were prepared to go in order to help us – they gave us a warm, friendly Scottish welcome, even before we arrived.”

When people think of Scotland, images of unspoilt countryside, peaceful villages, romantic castles and turbulent history come to mind ~ the Borders has all of this and more! Popping the question and getting “Yes!” is just the first of many decisions in the lead up to a wedding.

When and where to hold the ceremony, who to invite, how many to invite, the list goes on. Nowadays, as families can be spread over a wide area of the country and couples want their day to be that bit different, weddings are increasingly taking place in all sorts of places.

Some opt for foreign shores and remote parts of the world in the search for something out of the ordinary, usually at some considerable cost! If only they had known that a temporary licence allows you to marry at any number of stunning and unusual locations in the Scottish Borders.

Great Locations and Venues for a Memorable Scottish Wedding

Scott's View  - the Scottish Borders most romantic spot

Here the romance of Scotland awaits bride and groom in castles, stately homes, against a backdrop of beautiful hills and valleys. One such couple travelled all the way from California to exchange their vows in the Scottish Borders. Scott’s View, voted the most romantic spot in the region by Borders residents.

There are many romantic venues suitable to get wed In the Scottish Borders such as the ruins of Dryburgh Abbey, because of their setting, must be one of the most romantic in Scotland. It sits on a loop of the River Tweed, which surrounds it on three sides. Nothing much remains of the great abbey church, except for the W door and parts of the North and South transepts. It is here that many people take their vows.
Paxton House was built to the design of John and James Adam in 1758 by Patrick Home of Billie for his intended bride, Sophie de Brandt, Lady in Waiting to Queen Elizabeth Christina of Prussia. Sophie would never see Paxton, her white gloves, treasured by Patrick remain today as a token of their love. Discover the whole story in this most romantic of Scottish country houses.
Duns Castle

Traquair House, Innerleithen
Manchester City striker Robbie Fowler was married at Duns Castle, Rory Bremner married his bride in Hawick and this may be due to the fact that getting married at such Borders locations is easier than many imagine. You choose your setting and experienced professional Registrars will ensure your day is truly one to remember. Registrars are happy to conduct your marriage at a mutually agreeable time form Monday – Saturday. Scottish marriage laws are clear and simple to understand. The procedure for arranging your ceremony could not be easier. You don’t need to live in Scotland to be married here.

When planning a wedding on a budget you'll find yourself staring at the pretty expensive items needed for the wedding. One such thing would be mint and nut cups which can be one of the easiest things to take care of. You must always remember that your imagination is your main tool for taking care of these problems and tough decisions. Needing a container to hold mints and another to hold nuts isn't too hard to figure out. You don't have to spend a ton of money on crystal. Just find something that matches your personality and enjoy that fact that this wedding will be unique.

  So obviously, weddings are about a lot more than money. It's an event that should always be remembered as something fun rather than something that caused large amount of debt to you. Besides, you'll need the money for the honeymoon!

When planning a wedding on a low budget things can be a bit challenging but you can still turn it into something fun and enjoyable. There are many methods of cutting corners to lower the amount of money you're spending without it being noticeable. For example, you could design and print your own wedding invitations and thank you notes or even print a checklist off of the computer to help keep everything organized.

Set your budget and list everything you need that will cost you money and develop a way to get those things and spend the least amount of money possible.
A good idea is to make the food yourself as catering can be very expensive. You can use magazines and the Internet to find great recipes for cake rather than spending tons of money on a wedding cake. You'll save money and have fun baking at the same time. When you plan a wedding on a low budget you must always remember to plan ahead and organize everything.

For center pieces you can use candles since they're both beautiful and inexpensive. Keep the food nice and simple since no one is really focused on eating at a wedding and won't even remember it. They will always remember the festivities and the atmosphere in general but what exactly they ate won't be retained. That is why you should instead focus on keeping a fun environment for your guests. They will always remember the emotion of this event so you have to keep everyone entertained.

If you know people with unique talents such as singing, playing instruments, baking, or photography you should ask them to participate in the wedding. They'll be flattered and they'll add on to the entertainment and scenery of the wedding. They'll be happy, you'll be happy, and everyone else will be happy. If you know someone great with decorating and crafting you might consider asking them to help with decorating for the wedding. When planning a wedding always remember that you can always borrow things from friends that you know you'll only use once such as a punch bowl.

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