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Horse Riding Centres and Stables - Scottish Borders

The Scottish Borders still has more horses per head of population than any other part of Scotland. For centuries horses have been our lifeblood and we’re passionate about them.

Nowadays, it’s old farm buildings with their beautiful sandstone archways and cobbled floors that give us insight into the numbers of working horses that ploughed the land from dawn till dusk on Border farms. Happily, however, in 2012, horses are just as vital a part of Border life as ever they were, continuing to enrich the culture and the economy of the people who live here.

One of the attractions of riding is the feeling of a special bond that is possible between horse and human. It is hard to put into words, but is demonstrated often. For example, when you've just made a mess of a jump, got the timing all wrong, and the horse has graciously scooped you back into the saddle, rebalanced himself and you, and cantered off on the correct lead as though nothing had happened.

Riding Stables - Southern Scotland

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We should never underestimate how much the horse can teach us about how to ride. If we can learn to listen to what the horse is trying to say then we can ride in sympathy, rather than in opposition.

Riding in the Scottish Borders is certainly an inclusive experience. Nowhere more so than during the various annual 'Common Ridings' and 'Rideouts' where it's possible to see or indeed join hundreds of other riders galloping together freely across open moorland - a truly thrilling experience. These exhilarating festivals are not for everyone however. If you want to have great fun, feel part of a riding group and develop your own riding potential to the full, there are many contrasting associations, clubs and organisations in the Borders that will welcome you. Being part of a like-minded group is all part of riding fun. You won't have far to look to find something that is just right, regardless of your age. Whether you're a 'daredevil desperado' or perhaps more 'mellow and mature' in the saddle, there is much to choose from if you want to join up! In the Borders we have excellent Riding Clubs and Pony Clubs. A number of national organisations also have either branches, representatives and of course many members in our region. The British Horse Society Scotland, Scottish Carriage Driving Association, Riding for the Disabled, British Equestrian Vaulting. The Border Reivers Polo Club, The Scottish Endurance Riding Club, The Classical Riding Club and The Scottish Equestrian Association are all well represented offering quite literally something for everyone. carried the men of the Borders into many a battle. It was on horseback too that the ‘bounds’ were checked as the people of the Borders protected their own from marauders. Their legacy lives on in some of the spectacular ‘Common Ridings’ – unique, annual, equestrian festivals that celebrate our indebtedness to our Borders‘ ancestors.

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Bailey Mill Accommodation & Trekking Centre

Bailey, Newcastleton, Roxburghshire, TD9 0TR      Tel: 016977 48617

Contact: Mrs Pamela Copeland

Langlee Riding Stables, Langlee Jedburgh, TD8 6PB

Lesley Douglas runs this friendly family business close to Jedburgh offering a wide range of riding opportunities plus a good selection of horses and ponies. Hirelings also available.

Tel: 01835 862 560 Mb: 07789 266 233

Mill Farm Stables, Chirnside, Berwickshire (BHS Approved)

A friendly welcome awaits all who visit Mill Farm Stables near Chirnside, Duns, Berwickshire.

Children are especially welcome - Tel: 01890 818 104

Kimmerston Riding Centre - Wooler (BHS Approved)

Just over the Scotland/England Border, this long established riding centre offers spectatular riding in the Cheviot Hills and on the wild, romantic beaches of Northumberland. Holiday packages and hirelings are also available.

Enquiries Tel: 01668 216283

Peebles Hydro Stables - Peebles

Situated close to Peebles Hydro this riding centre offers great riding on the beautiful hills and forests surrounding the hotel.

Enquiries - Innerleithen Road, Peebles, Peebleshire, EH45 8BQ  Tel: 01721 721325

Fraser Ainslie Equestrian, Galashiels

For excellent 'Scott's Country' hacking.  Hacking close to the River Tweed, through woodland and pretty rollling hills around Sir Walter Scott's famous Abbotsford.  Scenically situated close to the Border Town of Galashiels, this riding establishment offers a range of mounts to suit varying abilities of rider.

Hirelings for Common Ridings and Hunting also available  Tel: 07773 230663

Ian Stark Equestrian Centre - Selkirk

Located in the heart of the Scottish Borders, the centre is the premier venue for all things equestrian in the south of Scotland.
The BHS approved centre offers riding lessons with extensive hacking over the 500 acres of hill farm which boasts panoramic views of the stunning borders countryside. The centre has around 30 horses and ponies and is busy for lessons and hacking 6 days a week.

For all lesson enquiries please phone the centre on Tel: 01750 20202

Stable Life, Dryden Farm Riding Centre (BHS Approved)

Dryden, near Ashkirk, Selkirk,  offers a wide range of riding opportunities including schooling, lessons and good off road hacking

Tel: 01750 32277

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Learning to ride can seem a daunting task, because unlike learning to drive a car or ride a bike, you are in charge of a live, large animal, with a very distinct mind of it's own! This is the message that I would like to stress from the very beginning. Don't forget that very fact, that the horse is a living creature, with feelings. He was not created for the purpose of carrying a rider on his back, and so it is necessary that we as riders are aware of our actions, and what he is feeling as a result of them. So often the horse is punished for being stubborn, or 'misbehaving' in some way or another. Very often his so called 'misbehaviour' or resistance is his only way of communicating to us that we are doing something to him that he finds uncomfortable, or even downright painful. Unlike a dog, he cannot yelp or cry out in pain, so he has to try to tell us in the only way he knows how, and for his 'disobedience' is then further punished. Is it any wonder that so many horses end up in the slaughterhouse as being 'unrideable'? If riders were educated in the proper way right from day one, then I can guarantee that there would be many fewer so-called 'difficult' horses.Sadly, in this country, we are often expected to learn to ride on horses that have had their sensitivity completely obliterated by years of bad riding, that you have to kick repeatedly to make them even move, and pull on the reins to stop or turn. No horse was born like this. Some things you might have to put up with, like poor saddles, but at least you'll know that if you're struggling to keep a good position it may not be all your fault.
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